5 Popular browser games that use .io Domain

Ever wondered what the 5 most popular .io browser games are? We have made a list of our favorites! Included in the list are the newest .io games, the most promising .io games, the definately most popular .io games and what we think you cannot miss! Check it out right here.

agario is one of the oldest .io games around, and definately one of the best! If you dont know this browser game, it is right on time for you to learn it. You can play right here on if you just follow this link to play You can also read some info about the game, and how to play it!


Slither is also one of the older games in the book, when it comes to .io games. However, is also by far one of the more popular games, and we absolutely understand why! This game is so entertaining, and so simple that any age and skill can join in. Right here you can try to play

tankwars is one of the newer .io games out there, but definately one of the best! Just take a look at the impressive graphics, and considering this game is not fully developed yet, I am sure this will be one of the more popular io games in the future. Right here you can play


Right here we got – another very popular .io game. It is based on the very known concept of achieving land, without getting caught! You probably know the concept from old consol games, or older browser games. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need try out here ASAP!

hordesio is made in a completely different style, than many other .io games. An open world MOBA game, which makes it really stand out of the crowd. The concept is different, the game is brilliant, and if you haven’t checked it out before, I highly recommend you try to play right here.