Project Description


What is is a very popular io game with the same kind of style as – except floating freely around, it costs energy to provide forward thrust. So everytime you collect some points, you use it as fuel. It is therefore very important to be efficient with the “fuel” you have. In you are playing as a moon, but can change the border of your moon to stuff such as “Virus”, “Splat” and “Shuriken” which will change the border of your moon. However, this function seems a bit cheap, and doesnt provide the player with any extra feelings. The overal graphics is typical .io – it is not the best looking, but the overall gameplay is decent. If you know agar, and you want to take it to the next level, you should try, because this game is a bit harder. You will see why, if you read “How to play” just below.

How to play

In you are a moon – similar to the floating object in, which you should controle to collect even smaller objects (and smaller players).
You move the moon by pressing W, and point the mouse in opposit direction you want to go. That is why it is difficult – it is counter logic. After you played it a while, you will get the feeling for it, and when you do it is actually pretty fun!



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