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What is ? is is an online multiplayer browser game, originally designed by Matheus Valadares on the entertainment site 4chan, where it got released April 2015. Since April 2015, the game have experienced inconceivable acceptance among the broad population, making it one of the absolut most popular browser games in the world. Already one month after release, the game had supposedly 100.000 daily players! The reason behind the succes is first of all the minimalistic, clean and simple game-play. Everybody can play the game, since it doesn’t require a special set of skills or a very good computer. Almost any player in any age in any part of the world can participate in The game is so easy to understand, that it practically doesn’t need an introduction.

The objective of is to gain mass. Become the largest blub by eating small objects, and smaller players. To eat a small player you can divide your blub by pressing space, but be careful not to divide yourself into too small blubs, since you will be an easy target for other players!

How to play is preferably played with a mouse and a keyboard, but can be played on a smart device.
Control your movements with the mouse (point in direction you want to go)
Press W to shoot out masses
Press Space to split your cell.

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