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What is ? is a real-time strategy game, where your goal is to capture as much territory as possible, while battling with other players trying to do the same. Before entering the game, you should check that a new round is about to begin. Once you click on the servers, a box with “Selected Server”, “Players” and “Game ends” appears. Each game is 30 minutes. You should wait for one of the servers to be down to 1-2 minutes, and then join, in order to get the full experience.

Once you are in the game, you have a navigation panel in the top left corner, and a chat in the bottom left, where you can ask for advice and chat with other players. Now you just need to start the game: Build your troops, and earn military power. A soldier costs 15 military power (MP), and will add 1 MP to your balance every second. It is very much like income in typical tower defenses from warcraft and starcraft. Once you have accumulated enough MP, you can make a Squad which gives you 5 MP per second (but costs 100 MP) and so on..

Heres a list of the costs:
Soldier – Cost: 15 MP – Gives you: 1 MP / Second
Squad – Cost: 100 MP – Gives you: 5 MP / Second
Tank – Cost: 500 MP – Gives you: 40 MP / Second
Base – Cost: 3000 MP – Gives you: 100 MP / Second
Airfield – Cost: 10000 MP – Gives you: 400 MP / Second

I think you got the idea now. Upgrade your army, while capturing most possible territory, and fight the other players for the space! The game is pretty difficult in the beginning, due to the rules and the gameplay (you need to understand it to win it), but after 5-10 minutes you really get a hang of it, and it is very fun.

How to play is a difficult to game to play at first – but if you take 5 minutes to learn it, I am sure you will master it before you even know. I recommend reading the above – and while you wait on a server to be ready, go see some of the videos below of players playing the game. That will make you ready to invade some enemies!

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