Project Description


What is ? is the game tag mixed with zombies. You start as a human with a cooldown for when the zombie plague erupts, which is when random players is selected as zombies.
There’s a big map with several houses and other structures to hide inside, but you cant do it alone, you need friends to help block pathways with various furniture and items available. As it says on the site, Humans hide, Zombies tag. The longer you stay alive, or people you zombify, the more points you accumulate to upgrade your character, survive a lot and you will soon find yourself a formidable survivor.
Upgrades includes an Uzi, several melee weapons and various upgrades to your characters look.

How to play

W S A D to move your character.
Mouse to look around.

You want to find a good spot on the map with several other people, board up the entry points with whatever is around and place yourself so that you can best apply counter force to any zombies trying to get in. If someone is pushing against you from for example the left, you need to hold A (left) to counter their push force. The melee weapons is a huge help in not only moving items, but also at applying force towards objects used to block pathways.

Tip: You can move items easier by circling your mouse around your character, making it spin around.

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