Project Description


What is ? is a simple browser game about tanks and war in a fun way. The game have increased in popularity ever since its launch, and have gained many loyal players. In you control a tank, and the objective is to hit enemy tanks with bullets. As you play the game, and destroy other enemy tanks, you will earn points you can use to upgrade your tank! also have many different game mods, and continuously add more. Currently there are Mothership Mode: Red team vs. Blue team with a mother tank with a lot of hp. Dominations Mode: The competition between the two teams, powerful guns that will destroy any enemies nearby. Red vs Blue teams aim to get enemy bases like capture the flag. Team DM mode: There are two teams (red and blue) and it is all deathmatch as we know it! FFA Mode: Everyone fights alone – Free for all!

How to play

WASD – Move your tank around
Mouse 1 – Shoot your canon

Newest Videos

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