Project Description


What is ? is a very popular io browser game, where you are a ship fighting other ships. The objective is to collect coins or ‘Doblons’ as they are also called. For Doblons/Coins/Gold you can pick and choose from different upgrades, based on how rich you are. An example is ship upgrade, purchase of new weapons or you can hire a fleet to serve you in the battle! Destroy other ships and legendary ships to score up. The ultimate objective point of is to get the highest score, and maintain it for as long as possible!

How to play

Keys used to play
Cursor – Aims your weapons and move your ship
Left Mousebutton (LMB) – Fire weapon
Space – Fire weapon
A – Rotate ship (left)
D – Rotate ship (right)
S – Slow down
W – Accelerate
F – Fire a gold coin

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