Project Description


What is ? is a very cool browser io game. The developers behind the game say, they are inspired by and the game that started the IO craze, In you control a polygon shaped vehicle, which races against other players. The game currently only have 1 game-mode, which is to complete 20 laps as the fastest player. You have boost and heal, which will get restored everytime you complete a lap. Also, you get a “Skill Point” which you can spend on an upgrade or an item, which will make you (hopefully) finish the track even faster! But be careful not to take too many risks, as your laps will be reset to 1 if you die. Killing other players though may give you additional “Skill Points!”

There are many different classes (vehicles) to choose from. Racer, Bully, Flash, Hazard, Buster, Ambulamp, Sluder, Star and many others. Each vehicle have benefits and drawbacks. Some are all around, others are perfect to push, some are destructive and fast. You can check out the different vehicles for on the Wiki Page.

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