Project Description


What is ? is a zombie survival game. You spawn in a world which have become overrun by zombies. In order to survive, you must kill them – but watch out for other players sneaking up on you! You will get points for killing zombies – not players – however, players can be a threat to your survival, but the game will be easier if you made an alliance and worked together as a team! 1 Point for killing a zombie, and 2 Points for killing a zombie chasing another player – a so called “stolen kill”!

If the game goes too crazy, and apocalypse comes closer, you can hide in 3 types of buildings. You can chat with the players that are inside the same building as you. Different drops with weapons will be available, such as: Knife, Gun, Shotgun, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Ammo, Gas, Food and Guts. I think you already get the point in the weapons and ammo. The food will heal you, and the guts will make you undetected towards zombies for a minor period of time. The guts will keep you hidden as long as you dont come too close to a zombie, or fire your weapon. Gas is pictured with a jerry-can which will explode when shot at, giving you the ability to take down a whole bunch of zombies at the same time!

How to play

You can play the game with mouse or keyboard. Each have different controls:

Mouse Controls:
Movements – Point cursor in direction
Forward Shooting – Left click on mouse
Backward Shooting – Right click on mouse
Change weapon – Scroll on mousewheel

Keyboard Controls:
Movement – WASD
Forward Shooting – < ,
Backward Shooting – > .
Change weapon – {[ or ]}

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