Project Description


What is is one of the more fun .io games out there. Anyone remembers Acthungdiekurve? This game combines achtungdiekurve, snake and the .io game mentality, where a lot of players is battling on the same server for the same space. In the game you are finding yourself controling a lazer, and you cannot hit anyone – neither can you hit yourself. Avoid the other players, and your own tail. As you get big, the server will reset your length, but continue to count the score! That gives the player a chance to come really far, and keep it going for many minutes if you are focused and good. The overall handling of the lazer is very smooth, and it is easy to learn!

How to play

To play you only need 2 buttons: Turn left or right with ← and → on your keyboard.

Dont touch any lines, lazers or your own tail or you’ll die!

Very fun io game!



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