Project Description


What is is a match-3 game, where you are supposed to align 3 similar icons/figures/animals. The same concept is known from games such as Bejeweled or the well known facebook game Candy Crush Saga. However, this game differs from the rest, when it comes to multiplayer integration and game mods. have build a game where competition, and new game mods set the scene and entertain the user. Every level have a different goal – sometimes you need to align most figures, sometimes you have an object you need to get to the bottom of the maze, and sometimes its another mod. The combination of all the game mods, and the competition with all the other players, makes this game very much worth trying!

How to play

As mentioned above, the game is a match-3 game, where you should align 3 identical icons in order to remove them from the board. This is done by click and drag with the mouse, in order to match them. You can only click and drag icons that will make a 3-in-a-row match.

You can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel.

Move around by dragging with the right mouse button.



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