Project Description


What is ? is yet another browser game, based on the same concept from However, this is definately one of the better versions! You find yourself fighting for food in the deep blue ocean as a jellyfish. Destroy the enemy jellyfishes in the area, while you collect points from eating pokemons and  small bubbles. But be careful not to hit the tail of any other jellyfish – no matter size! If you as a very large jellyfish hit the tail of a smaller jellyfish, you are still dead, but as a large jellyfish you can still eat small jellyfishes if you eat them right on (not tail first). To sneak up on your opponent, or get away from an attack you can use speed, but similar with other io games of this kind, this will cost you points, so be careful not to waste it all!

How to play

Use your mouse to point in direction.
Mouse 1, Space and W will give you turbo speed!

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