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What is ?

Eat your way to the top, with! This game is very similar to, but have many more small features in the game, such as a story. You start as a tiny mouse, and you like berries! Eat berry bushes to gain points, and make sure to drink water from the ponds in order to stay hydrated. As you eat more and more, you will progress up the food chain. You pretty much evolve into a new, more powerful animal every time you gain enough XP. In order to attack other players, you need to get a high enough level. If you cant attack the players, its because you are not high enough in level (and experience). is a very fun game, and can provide the gamer with total satisfaction for many days to come.

Give a try!

How to play

Left Mousebutton (LMB) – RUN
Right Mousebutton (RMB) – Shoot water
W – Shoot  water
Hold down RMB – Dive under water
Hold down W – Dive under water
Enter – Chat

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