Project Description


What is ? is a browser game in style with and – except, you are a frog. Actually I prefer calling it a tadpole, because that is what you really are. Collect points, grow bigger and set up traps for your opponents. Unlike  your opponents cannot eat you, and you cannot eat them. Neither can you die by moving into them, however, you will have to take care of their traps! By pressing mouse1 you will gain speed, and set up traps behind u that will last for a couple of seconds. If anyone touch your traps, they will die. Collect as many points as you can, and get a highlight as “Frog of the day”!

How to play is very easy to play. It only requires a mouse!

Like and you control your frog/tadpole by pointing in which direction you want to go.
To set up traps press left mouse button (LMB, Mouse1) – this will also give you a speed boost.

Have fun with the best game!

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