Project Description


What is ? is a browser io game, where you are a narwhale! The objective of this game is to kill other narwhales with the characteristic horn in the forehead, which narwhales do have in real life aswell. All you have to do, is to swim around and left click to dash into other narwhales, and stab them with your horn to become the king narwhale! When you succeed in killing an enemy narwhale, you will gain levels and buffs. Your horn will get bigger, stamina increase and number of dahses goes up aswell!

This is a very fun .io browser game, and it is a bit different from the others, as they rely on real creatures. You cannot get a big machine gun for your narwhale, but your upgrades is a bigger horn – like it would be in the real life! And to add more: The game is actually very well made! Try out here on!

How to play

To play you need to use your mouse.

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