Project Description


What is ? is a browser game similar to many of the other io games – especially However, in you find yourself in control of your own little pirate ship. Sail the sea, collect the gold and shoot the other pirates, and climb to the top of the leader board! As you progress you can upgrade your ship, but be careful! Strong ships can’t detect weaker ships, so as long as you haven’t upgraded your ship too much, you will be safe! If you have a huge ship, you better watch out for those other pirates coming to revenge you, because everybody wants to take down the mothership!

How to play

  1. Use your mouse to direct your ship (basically same as in
  2. Use left mousebutton to shoot (you can see cooldown on canon above ship)
  3. As you collect gold, you can buy upgrades with keyboardkeys (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.)

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