Project Description


What is is a very funny .io game, where you are a Piranha (hence the name), and you are hungry! You can eat swimmers and smaller fish in order to grow, which makes it very similar to the very famous game. Similarly with only size matters, when you are about to eat other players, and to gain size you must eat swimmers. Furthermore you can use powerups to defeat bigger fishes, or use boost (which is limited) to escape. is one of the more fun games out there. The game is running smooth, and made in very calm and pleasant colors. Definately worth trying!

How to play

Similarly with, the controls are very limited:

Use your mouse – (point in a direction to swim, click mouse to use boost to escape)
Space – Use to activate powerups

Different powerups are available:
Turbo – Swim faster
Lightning – Zap any enemy, big or small.
Dive – Dodge enemy attacks.
Aquarium – Protects you from outside attacks.
Laser – Charge it up and fry everything!



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