Project Description


What is is a free online multiplayer battleship game, where you can compete against real players! It is a modern .io version of the classic battleship board game, where the goal is to sink the opponents ships! You can play against a random player, a friend or a computer. The graphics is very basic, but the game works perfect. Furthermore there is a chat function, in case your the salty type who needs come out with some frustration against your opponent. If you like the good old battleship game, you will definately like this browser game. Even though it is so simple, it is still very entertaining!

How to play

First you need to arrange your ships:
– Click on ship to rotate it
– Hold down mouse1 and drag to position your ship
(You can press auto to randomly align ships)

Once you start playing, you drop bombs with mouse1, classic battleship style.
X means its a HIT!
O means itsa MISS!

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