Project Description


What is ? is according to the creator an mouse gesture based browser MMO dashing game.
You can play one of several classes, or shapes rather, each with their own unique features and abilities. Leveling is done by eliminating AI mobs, or at best other players, by doing so you advance your abilities which can be anything from speed, strength, recovery time, firing rate, shield capabilities and more.
Utilize your best ninja skills to take on everyone else in the server!

How to play

Your player moves automatically in the direction you are pointing your cursor.
Mouse1 dashes your player in the direction you clicked. This is your main source of damage dealing, time your attack dashes well since there’s a cooldown shown as a blue bar.
When you hit something your dash ability cooldown resets.
Combos makes you deal more damage, try to chain your attacks together for maximum damage output.
Mouse2 activates your shield, use it to block dashes from enemy players. This ability has a cooldown as well displayed as a red bar.
When someone hits your shield they take return damage, meaning the damage output they are doing goes straight back into their face. Your dash and shield ability also resets.
The red and blue indicators on enemy players show whether they have dash or shield activated.
Q, W, E, R, A and S is used for upgrading your various abilities.

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