Project Description


What is ? is an online multiplayer browser game, where the objective is to conquer as much land as possible! As a player you are in control of a little object that will tail you with blocks – finish those blocks (do not hit your tail, but hit already solid blocks in order to conquer the piece of land inside that area), in order to conquer that piece of land. When you are in your own land, you are completely safe and can kill other players trying to intrude by hitting them or their tail. However, this can also be done to you, if you are trying to intrude, so be careful! is inspired by single player games such as xonix and pac-xon, and they have done a very good job making it to a succesful multiplayer game.

How to play is very easy to play. You only need WASD.
The object you play is constantly moving. Change directions using WASD.

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