Project Description


What is ? is a browser game where meets in a whole new gamemod! The game is actually very entertaining, and is made in a very nice graphical color scheme, which makes the browser game a  little bit out from the rest. Similar to both slither and lazerdrive, you need to navigate your snake around the map to gain dots. The dots have different colors, and each color have a function. If you eat the red dots your snake will grow in size. Eat a green dot to stay protected for 5 seconds. Blue dots will increase speed for 5 seconds. Pink dots will increase dosage of venom to shoot (look under How to, and last but not least the golden dots: Eat golden dots to become a golden supersnake! But watch out, in higher level snakes will eat the lower level snakes.

How to play

You can play with your keyboard or mouse. However, I strongly recommend using the keyboard. The mouse seems a bit buggy.
Basic movements:
Keyboard: Use A and D to point your snake in the right direction.
Mouse: Point your cursor in direction you want to go
Keyboard: Press W to fire
Mouse: Press Left Mousebutton (LMB) to fire

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