Project Description


What is is a very new game with tanks. In the typical .io style you are playing in a big world with a lot of other players. The game gives you different choices; you can play a random mode, solo mode or team mode – with XP mode and Mass mode. Furthermore you can change the skin of the tank, to make it fit your personal taste! The game is not one of the best looking io games out there when it comes to design,  but is definately worth watching, and have a look at in the future. The main objective is obviously entertainment, and not design, which has succeeded in a certain extent.

How to play

The controls used in is typical “driving” controls:

W – Accelerate
S – Go back / Brake
A – Turn left
D – Turn right

More controls:
Spacebar – Shoot
K – suicide
Enter – chat

/pos – share your position

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