Project Description


What is ? differs from the other tank iogames through its very high quality graphics, the game looks gorgeous and has a real game feel to it, a well produced quality io game. The driving can take a little time to get used to, but it’s a very rewarding feeling once you get the hang of it. You spawn in a mode called King DeathMatch where start with a few random abilities both for attack and defensive measures, when you kill other players they drop their abilities and some of their points on the ground, shown as glowing orbs. There’s airplanes flying over your frequently which parachutes a random crate down, this crate has an ability you can pick up by driving over the crate. The abilities include a wide range from rapid fire which is a great way to quickly take out another tank vehicle, to calling in air strafes from military jets to aid you in a fight, planting mines, speed boosts and not to mention a very cool looking shielding ability – its reminiscent of how MOBA games such as DotA2 or League of Legends has abilities for their characters, except those in tankwars are picked up.

Tankwars also offers unique customization unseen in any other iogame (at least for now – know something? Tip us!), if you login an editor is enabled for you, which allows for the full customization of the your tank vehicles look. The editor offers a wide range of features, such as full coloring, plenty of various shapes, logos, images, even zodiac signs can be embed onto your tank. Through our time playing this game we have seen some quite creative designs.

The developers are promising more updates in the future, namely a Conquest type mode which has two teams pitted against each other to win territory, there’s only limited information regarding this on their Twitter account for now but we’ll of course keep an eye on this very interesting game for you.

How to play

Rebind any key from the menu, click the cog wheel to open options.
ESC to bring forward the menu

Mouse to aim your turret.
Mouse 1 to fire.
W to drive Forward.
S to Reverse.
A to turn Light.
D to turn Left.
1 2 3 4 5 6 activates each respective ability available.

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