Project Description


What is ? is a battle for territories! Conquer the space, expand your territory and eliminate the other players. The game objective reminds me a bit of, since you have to conquer space. While you conquer space, you will have to look out for enemy players, and close the “gap” in order to secure it as your land. However, you are not some dot, in this case you are a triangle more or less flying around in an open world (like, slither etc.) versus other players. You are safe in your own land, and when other players try to steal it, you are going to hit them right on the nose, and they will die. If you hit them out of your own territory, you will die instead! The game have a very addictive gameplay, and is nice to play for a change.

How to play is very easy to play, if you are familiar with other .io games!

  1. Use your mouse to move your triangle around
  2. Press left mouse button (LMB) to start drawing
  3. Use your mouse to finish the line you are drawing (the ends shall meet to claim territory)
  4. Repeat 1-3

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