Project Description


What is is a fresh new MMO browser game shooter made in the style as general io games. The creator says that it’s an easy game, and it certainly is in terms of controls and features to manage. You fly straight all the time, there is no option for flying sideways or otherwise, think of an old school game such as space invaders, that is basically how you are controlling your ship.

There is so far two types of enemies in the game, one is the round asteroids, the bigger they are the more health points they have, shoot them and they might spawn powerups for you to pickup, this can be a shield to protect you, temporarily make you shoot doubles, and more.

Upgrades to your ship happens automatically when you level up. Look to your lower left corner for stats on your various upgrades. You gain experience(XP) by taking out other players, or destroying asteroids. We certainly recommend leveling up your spaceship a bit by farming asteroids before you start heading more towards PvP.

How to play is using standard keys to operate the spaceship.

W – Accelerate
S – Decelerate
A – Move left
D – Move right
Space – Shoot

Enter – Opens up Text Chat commands, such as “Hello” and more, activated by clicking through 1 to 5 on your keyboard..

Everything else runs automatically. Happy hunting captain!

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