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In you find yourself in control of  a spaceship, battling with other players to rule the galaxy. Shoot your way through asteroids and players, while you earn points and grow bigger – but be careful not to get executed while you harvest points! Like many other popular io games such as agar and slither is taken place on a big map, where players find themself in a deathmatch situation – you have no friends, no alliance. It is only you and your spaceship! is a bit difficult to really pwn in, because the handling of the spaceship takes some practice. But the nice soft graphics makes it fun to play in the beginning, and the skills will soon start to take over. Once you get the feeling for it, is a fun game to play!

How to play is using these keys to operate the spaceship:
W – Engine on/off
A – Rotate left
D – Rotate right
Spacebar – Shoot missiles
Shift – Shield on/off

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