Project Description


What is ? is a very popular shooting browser game released in October 2015. The style in which the game have been made is very oldschool, and you start thinking of those late 90s games. The game features many different mods, such as Minecraft Mod, Pacman Mod, Waterguns, Nuclear Throne and many others. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible, but how to do so changes from mod to mod. In some mods you may find yourself killing players, collecting lootcrates, or struggling to enter hardpoints or enter enemy zones in order to get the points. The game is very easy to play and figure out, and the combination of the many mods to choose from, this game is a very cool io browser game!

How to play

Up – W
Down – S
Left – R
Right – D
Jump – Space

Aim – Mouse
Shoot – Left Mousebutton
Change Weapon – Scroll with mouse
Next Weapon – E
Previous Weapon – Q
Reload – R

Spray – F
View Stats – Shift
Chat – Enter

You can check the Wiki for more info.

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