Project Description


What is ? is a multiplayer hack’n’slash browser game, where you can beat the living crap out of other players with your weapons. As basic you have a hero (a Grunt actually), which can block, counter-attack, and have a shockwave ability. However, for a small price you can upgrade to Zerk, which have faster attack, more health and a slightly faster movement. However, you have not lost the game before you started, just because you dont have the Zerk. Fight the battleground with what you got, and see how many points you can collect!

How to play

WSAD – Movement (basic movements)
Left Mousebutton (LMB) – Attack
Right Mousebutton (RMB) – Kick – Counter Rolls
Right Mousebutton (RMB) – Crush – Deal damage to fallen enemies
Hold Right Mousebutton – Run (Costs stamina)
Space – Jump
Wheel Up – Roll Forward (Avoid attack)
Wheel Down – Block (If you manage to block, you can attack for quick counter)
Enter – Chat
RMB + Wheel up – Shockwave
RMB + Wheel up – Whirlwind

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