Project Description


What is ? is a modern browser game, with assosications back on the classic Snake. However, instead of just a solo play and a small world, you will find yourself battling for the food against many other players in real time! Make sure not to run into any other worms, avoid meeting giant worms that will trap you, and grow in size by eating food. These are basically the main principles, that will get you going in this nice io game.

While exploring the map, you can pick up boosters (magnets, mass conservation, health, telescopes and toxics – you can find detailed information about them in the Wormax Wiki). The bonuses can give you faster growth and some skills to use. Remember to use them (acceleration, stop and transparency).

When you achieve points, you can upgrade your worm in the Shop.

How to play

You can use your keyboard or mouse in this game.

Use your arrow-keys on the keyboard, or your mouse to change direction.

Use QWE for abilities (boosters, speed)

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