Project Description


What is ?

In you can slap your friends and opponents around – Litterally! Equipped only with a large colorful ball with spikes on, you will be able to slap or get slapped in The game is very fun and interesting – its a typical io game in a open world against other enemy players, but the concept is very fresh and new. Combine the mouse and keyboard skills to maneuvre your player around without getting hit, while you slap enemies with your ball!

Pro tip: You can find a quiet zone, where you can swing your ball around yourself a couple of times, to gain speed and momentum. This way, it is ready to slap any enemies coming around, and you can focus on not getting hit.

How to play

In you need to use both the mouse and the keyboard.

Control your movements with WASD.
Control your ball with the mouse (it goes in the direction you point).

Play right here online free!

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