Usage of the .io Domain

Want to know more about the .io domain? Who were the first guys to use the .io domain, and for what purpose? Who is using the .io domains today, and who can register it? And how do you register it? Find out everything you need to know about the .io domain, and much more right here, in this blog post by! 

Who is behind the .io Domain?

The internet domain .io was originally assigned for the British Indian Ocean Territory, situated in the Indian Ocean halfway between Tanzania and Indonesia, like a pendant to the french .fr and the german .de. The domain was introduced in 1997, and is handled by the NIC.IO (Internet Computer Bureau). Many people do not realize this, because the domain have had a rather anonymous presence for many years, but have gained popularity and awareness in the past 3-5 years. Actually, the very first .io domain registration was made in 1998 when Levi Strauss & Co registered the domain

Who is using the .io Domain?

In general everybody can and do use the .io domain. However, it have been commonly used within tech startups, and tech companies. In the last couple of years the .io domain have been moving towards a more trendy position in the world wide web, probably due to popular content on the .io domains, which have gained trust among the broad population.

That shows the US Presidential campaign in 2016 for an instance, where Republican Candidate Marco Rubio used the domain for his campaign, and was used for the Hillary Clinton 2016 US Presidential Campaign. Among online services is and to mention, which is API’s. Furthermore, there are the well known games such as,, and – just to mention a few.
But not all .io domains are temporary, startups or  open source – companies such as, and which sells WiFi services and Seat tickets. These companies are examples of modern companies hitting a trend, and benefitting from “standing out of the crowd”.

How to register a .io Domain?

As mentioned above, many people and companies use the .io domain for many purposes. However, the general opinion about .io domains is it belongs to temporary projects, startup companies, tech websites, games or open source software. Not saying that you cannot, or shouldn’t register if you do not belong in any of these categories – it can be a very wise decision to stand out of the crowd, but you have to do it with modesty. What do you think your viewers expect, when they land on your website? Do you provide them what they expect? In that case it can be perfect!

You can register the .io domain in many of the freely available domain services online, such as on:

Just to mention a few!